About us:

Magne Design is a design firm/collective of talented artists founded by Charles Cooper. Each artist has a background in physical art and offers their services on either an individual or team basis. We are strong proponents of individual styles. Each and every artist is strongest is their chosen medium/style and when you choose their services based on their style, you will always get an amazing product.

How it works:

When you commission a piece with Magne Design, you choose exactly the artist who will breathe life into your idea. Each artist has a gallery of work and a list of special skills. Once you have finished deciding, send us a message through our contact page listing the artist(s) of your choice, the project in question, your Email address, as well as any questions you might have. Then an associate will contact you to set up a meeting between you and the artist(s) you want to work with to discuss the project in more detail, as well as other matters such as pricing, terms and conditions.

What we do:

Magne Design provides a wide array of services, from websites, logos, branding, and mascots to full size murals, portraits, and sculpture. Magne Design can handle any design task you can throw at us!